This day and age electronic cigarettes are beginning to become a new trend for smokers everywhere. And this is great for the smoker because e cigs are a much better alternative to smoking. E cigs allow you to get the amount of nicotine you desire without having to kill yourself by smoking a cigarette. Instead of smoking, you could easily start vaping!

Why Vaping Is Better

When utilizing an electronic cigarette it is called vaping, not smoking. Why? Because there is no smoke, it is simply nicotine infused water vapor.
With electronic cigarettes there is no combustion, you light nothing. All you do to activate an e cig is inhale it. Puff it as if it were a traditional cigarette. When you do this the coil or heating element inside the electronic cigarette is heated up and that activates the atomizer to produce the vapors.

What Is An E Cig

An electronic cigarette is composed of two or three different parts. Usually a battery, a cartomizer, and an atomizer.

The battery resembles the part of a cigarette that the tobacco is found in. Usually it will have a light at the end of it that resembles the “cherry” of a cigarette. The battery is typically a lithium ion battery and most of them are rechargeable. Unless you are dealing with a disposable e cig, which is a different story. (I personally do not recommend the disposable e cig, most of them are crap!)

The atomizer is the heating element of the e cig. They are activated by inhaling on the e cig and this is what produces the vapors.

The cartomizer is the part of the e cig that usually resembles the “butt” of your ordinary cigarette. There are several different flavors of cartomizers, depending on what brand you decide to go with. Also depending on the e cig of your choice, you can choose the nicotine strength you desire if any. Some are nicotine free!

Now that we have discussed the components of the e cig, let’s talk about other stuff that is cool to know.

E Liquids

E liquids are something that you can possibly use to add extra or a different kind of flavor or nicotine strength to your e cig’s cartomizer. Unfortunately not all e cig companies offer e liquids, so if e liquids is something that you think you may like, then I recommend you to find an e cig company that offers these e liquids.


Depending on the e cig company some of them have larger selections than others. Some of them offer products that others do not. Such as e liquids or additional accessories that you may or may not like, so look around and get the best e cig the first time.

Electronic Cigarettes Save Smokers Money

It may not seem like it at first but e cigs are cheaper than traditional cigarettes. The starter kits may be a little expensive but, a starter kit is cheaper than two cartons of cancer sticks. Then all you have to do is buy the cartomizers and e liquids. And the e liquids are not a necessity, they are just something that is really cool. A lot of e cig companies do not offer e liquids because their cartomizers are per-filled with an e liquid.

So over time, you will definitely save some cash, especially if you check out vapor shops Daytona!